Another Very Dirty Dozen

Another Very Dirty Dozen
Part of the Dirty Dozen series:

Hank Edwards has selected another 11 of his steamy short stories previously published in erotic magazines and anthologies, plus 1 never before published story, and grouped them into one collection. Come on in and read such stimulating fiction as "A Good Ten Inches," "Backseat Driver," or "Maul Santa." You'll meet horny Daddies-next-door, a studly Santa, a hot-blooded amusement park mechanic, and one heck of a dirty automobile technician, just to name a few. Grab tight to this second collection of hot, sizzling stories that'll keep you coming back for more!


From the short story "Frisk":

Starting with my ankles, he slowly, carefully frisked me, being careful around the transmitter and very thorough every place else. When he got to my crotch, he placed a large, warm palm directly over my almost fully erect cock and squeezed slightly. As he measured the size and rigidity inside my pants, his eyes darted up to meet mine and I felt a high voltage spark of attraction arc between us. My cock sprang up into full readiness and he dragged his palm along its length as he stood to frisk the upper half of my body.


Straith squeezed each muscle in my arms, gauging its tone and firmness like a personal trainer. His hands cupped my damp armpits, digging into them as his eyes remained locked on mine. He was inches from my face; I could feel his breath on my cheek and watched his lips part to expose the tip of his wide, pink tongue. His hands moved over my chest and his thumbs pressed down slightly over the center of my nipples. My stomach quivered as his fingers slid down along my waist and then over my belly, his fingertips leaving traces of heat in their wake.