A Very Dirty Dozen

Dirty Dozen Series Volume One

A Very Dirty Dozen
Part of the Dirty Dozen series:

Hank Edwards has selected 11 of his favorite stories published in erotic magazines and anthologies, plus 1 never before published story, and grouped them into one collection. Come on in and read such stimulating fiction as "Short Term Parking," "Going Back for Thirds," or "A Heart Full of Scars." You'll meet hot office studs, horny Army men, a couple of divorced Dads, and some lonely cowboys, just to name a few. This is one collection that'll keep you coming back for more!


From the short story "Weston's Spread":

“Aren’t you coming to bed?” The mattress pitched as Tucker rolled over to face him. “You must be pretty tired.”

“Yeah, I am beat.” Alex still hesitated. Was Tucker naked beneath the blankets? And if so, how could Alex possibly hope to sleep with this man lying nude beside him?

“Come on, buddy,” Tucker coaxed and turned the covers back. “The bed’s warm. Get undressed and get in. You know, you’ll stay warmer if you sleep in the nude.”

Alex pressed his lips together, aware that this was a deciding moment. A tension within him suddenly loosened and a sense of release spread through his chest as he took a breath and stood up. He pulled his arms from his long johns and let them drop to the floor.