By the Book

A Story Orgy Single

Lucas Pritchard knows every word in a book the moment he lays a hand on it. He knows every plot twist, surprise ending, and the conclusion of any quantum physics theorem. What he'd really like to do, however, is lay his hands on Kieran Brooker, the graduate assistant in his physics lab, and read what's inside his heart. When Lucas stumbles upon a written threat concerning the school, he and Kieran team up to track down the terrorist, and along the way uncover their shared feelings.


A Salacious Single

After his sack of the opposing team's quarterback helps his team win the college football game, Mike cruises the local gay bar. There he discovers the quarterback he sacked, Will, sulking in a back corner. Mike invites the man back to his apartment where the two men take turns showing each other a whole new meaning to the term "sacked."